How come my laptop no longer gets good WiFi signals where it used to?

by on February 21, 2010

Q: I am having problems with a wireless router. I have a Belkin DIR-655 router and a range booster antenna. I am still receiving a poor signal and speed on my laptop (ACER Aspire 8920) unless I’m in the same room. I also have no connection in the basement with my Wii. (As an aside, when I first connected the booster antenna, I did get a good signal for both.)

My new netbook, however, receives a good signal anywhere in my house. I have tried resetting the router to factory defaults, done a firmware upgrade, and moved the antenna several times. I even thought it might be a problem with my laptop and had the network card replaced. What should I do from here to try to resolve this?

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    Here are a few suggestions:

    1. Try using some different wireless channels. This is under Setup> Wireless Settings>Manual Wireless network setup on the DIR-655. If you’re used the auto channel mode, try going manual and selecting a different channel. This can help if you have neighbors also running wireless networks that are interfering with yours. Wireless home phones can also cause interference.

    2. Make sure the new antenna isn’t loose or hooked up incorrectly. You also might want to try the standard antenna for the DIR-655 again.

    3. Try moving the router to different locations in the room. Try to keep it centrally located in the house and away from large metal objects like filing cabinets, as well a devices like cordless phones.

    Here are some more tips:


    Thanks for the info. I’ve tried all three of those suggestions, but I appreciate the time taken to reply to the question. Right now, the only real option I can think of is to either get a couple of 50′ cables and move both the router and the cable modem out of the room, or to find a signal booster at Staples or somewhere. Any other suggestions?


    Beyond the stuff you mentioned, D-link also has power line and coax networking options:


    another thing is updating latest drivers.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I did in fact do a driver update, but alas, to no avail. So I went out and picked up a D-Link Xtreme N 2.4GHz antenna, and now I’ve got 3 times the previous connection speed, plus I once again have an internet connection through my Wii. So I guess I’m good to go.
    Thanks again for all your help, it was much appreciated.
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