How come videos continually start and stop when I play them?

by on February 23, 2010

Q: How come videos continually start and stop when I play them even if they are short videos?

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    What type of videos are you trying to play, and what website are they on?

    How fast is your internet connection?

    What version of Windows are you running?

    Have you always had this problem or did it start recently?

    What CPU and how much RAM is in your computer?


    1. any you-tube video, any stumble-upon video
    2. verizon high speed internet up to “1mbps”(???)
    3. windows vista home premium
    4. always had the problem
    5. cpu is intel core 2 duo e7500@2.93ghz, ram = 4gb


    Thanks for your responses.

    What happens if you pause the youtube video and wait a few minutes? You should see a red bar fill up below the video as the video is downloaded. Wait until the red bar is filled up all the way and then play the video, does the video play back correctly then?

    Additionally, use both of these websites to test your internet connection and then post the results here:


    if I wait for the red bar to fill up, the video plays correctly.I performed 3 speedtests
    downloads ranged from .70mb/s to 1.09mb/s
    uploads ranged from .35mb/s to .38mb/s
    png ranged from 26ms to 31ms
    I couldn’t get pingtest to complete: using 3 different browsers:IE-FIREFOX < GOOGLE CHROME


    The reason your videos start and stop is because your internet connection can’t download the video as fast as you want it watch it.

    You have two options
    1) Wait for the video to download most of the way before you play it
    2) Get a faster internet connection.


    thank you very much. I appreciate your efforts in this matter. I suspected all along that internet connection speed was the culprit..I guess I’ll have to spend more money for better and/or faster service.


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