What jumpers do I need to jump to setup a Quantum Fireball ltc20 40GB hard drive as a slave?

by on February 24, 2010

Q: I have a quantum fireball lct20 40gb hard drive that I am attempting to install as a slave drive in a Dell Dimension 2400 desktop. The drive works in other computers but on this computer I keep getting the BIOS detection error screen.

I read on another similar question on this site that two jumpers are required rather than just one. That question was for a 20gb model and it also did not show what the configuration was. The manufacturer’s site was unhelpful. Can you tell me what configuration to use please?

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    ok, this looks like it could be helpful. Problem is that my level of expertise is definitely sub-amateur and I am uncertain which setting I need to use. I see a single pin setting for simple slave, but there are some others that include the word slave, but the rest of the setting name is meaningless to me. Also, it lists the lct15 but not the lct20, will that make a difference?


    The lct20 is listed in the left column.

    How is the other hard drive on this IDE cable setup? Or is this the only harddrive attached on this IDE cable?


    I have not honestly looked. Dumb question–> It is not wise to check with the computer powered up right? I normally turn off/unplug the tower before opening it up. Just asking cause it takes forever to reboot.


    Correct. Power down first.

    You’ll want to make sure that the drive you currently have installed is set as master (it probably is).

    Use the “slave” setting for the quantum.


    The master drive (installed) has the following configuration. I have uploaded a diagram to my photobucket if it will be easier to read. http://s85.photobucket.com/albums/k46/heartlessevil/?action=view&current=masterconfiguration.jpg

    |_| = inaccessible pin (enclosed in plastic wall)

    * |*| * |_|
    * |*| * * *


    I will try the 2-jumper slave setting, will report back on outcome


    I received the following BIOS error message

    Primary Drive 1 not found


    Change the Quantum to the “Cable Select” pin configuration open and try again.


    Oopps, I mean “Change the Quantum to the “Cable Select” pin configuration *option* and try again.”


    still no luck


    still getting same error


    My only other suggest is to try another IDE cable.


    k, thx