How come I cannot get my Smasung Go Netbook on my wireless network?

by on February 25, 2010

Q: My Samsung Go Netbook no longer has the program to connect to a wireless network. Either that or I can’t find it. Turned it on to do some homework and now I can’t find the program or location needed to connect to a network. Very confused and very lost. How can I get back on my wireless network?

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    Is the wireless LED light on the bottom left of the keyboard illuminated? If not your wireless card is turned off.
    Turn it on by pressing FN+F9


    Yeah I checked that before posting also. Sorry I should have said what I’ve tried. I did try turning that on, which it already was. Also, tried making a new wireless connection, to no avail. Seems I am missing that program in the bottom right that lets me pick which connection I want to connect to.


    Click Start, and right above the start button type in “network and sharing center”, go into that menu and you should have access to all your network settings. Try the troubleshooting in there and check for anything goofed up.

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    Yeah I had already done that also. Contacted Samsung and of course it was as simple as getting the new drivers. All fixed. Thanks all.