How come my computer cannot get online but another computer in the same room can?

by on February 25, 2010

Q: Why does my computer, running Windows XP SP3, decide to disconnect from the web when my girlfriends computer is in the same room is still using the web without any problems. We both have a wired connection to an orange live box.

My computer still has the two computer screens in the task tray and they say I’m still connected. If I hover over them it still says that I am connected at 7.4mbps and its still got how many data packets have been sent and received. MSN’s trouble shooter says it’s the default gateway but I think it’s something to do with the DNS. I go into command line and run ipconfig and flushdns but it does not seem to do anything.

I’m waiting to upgrade to Windows 7 and find out if all my hardware is compatible but in the mean time I really would like a fast fix or a work around or even just an answer to why its doing this.

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    I would recommend going to both your computer and the other computer in the house and doing ipconfig/all in a command prompt and compare what the settings are. Everything should be identical with the exception of the IP Address and MAC Address. If they are you can try the following…

    Try to ping your gateway… If you do not get any reply’s then that will explain why you cannot get out to the internet. To ping the gateway, Go into a command prompt and type “ipconfig” (no quotes). Take note of the default gateway and then type ping (gateway) whatever your gateway is. Example: ping If that does reply then we know that you can contact your router, From there we need to make sure that you can get out and that it is not a resolution issue. To do that you can open up a web browser and type in and go to the page. You should get “please come back later” if you get that you are able to get out to the internet and it is a DNS issue.

    If it is a case of being a DNS issue you may manually set your primary dns server in your network connection properties to a public DNS server. I recommend (google).