How can I find out if my PC has been hacked into?

by on February 27, 2010

Q: How can I find out if my PC has been hacked into and if it has how can I stop it?

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    Can you provide some more details? What operating system (and version) and tell me a little about the computer. Also, why do you think it has been “Hacked” into.


    Hi, this is the info that comes up when I look up “My Computer”
    Microsoft Windows XP Media Centre Edition Version 2002 Service pack 3
    HP Pavilion intel(R) CPU 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz, 1.50 GB of Ram Physical Address Extension
    Why I am concerned is because I am taking a person to a tribunal this Thursday. I have been watching her web sites and noting the changes (part of my case is misrepresentation thought her web site) and last night on some of her web pages which I saved (now as of the last 24 hours) have pop ups appearing fortunately at the moment being blocked. and the other web sites (government) saved in the same manor pop ups do not happen. Also some how her computer geek has managed to access her earlier web pages and altered them with out modifications showing that is giving date when last modified. These preceded the information which I have on her and for them to know what I have they could only have got from my PC. To explain a little further. She has a logo on her site which she is not entitled. She has modified that logo so that it no longer saying ‘approved member’ this has happened in the last day or so and has managed to back date it preceding my evidence and also show it now without ‘approved member. To make it look like what I have is that I have done the modification. Hope that makes sense.

    Your help if you can would be much appreciated. Or Have I just given this info to the person who is hacking my PC in the first place? Paranoia might just be setting in. Her Geek may just be operating out of India as that is where her web pages are being created.
    Regards Margaret