How come videos on my new computer are choppy?

by on February 28, 2010

Q: I just bought a new computer with windows 7 installed on it. I used an external hard drive to transfer my movies and documents to my new computer, however, every time I play a video on my computer, it’s all choppy and freezes at times. Why is it doing this and what can I do to fix it?

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    I tried this as well, but it still freezes. Could it have something to do with the fact that my old computer (the one where I transfered the files from) operated on XP?


    What is the make and model of this computer you purchased?


    Dell inspiron 1545

    Model number : PP41L


    Log on to the dell website, and make sure you’re running the latest drivers for your computer, especially the video card. Also, make sure that Windows is fully updated.


    I downloaded the newer driver. It didn’t fix the problem.


    Try running the free version of HD tune, let’s see if it’s a harddrive issue:


    Well here’s something interesting, I downloaded some of the same videos that were on the hard drive, and instead of adding them to the hard drive, I saved them directly to the computer and they seem to play fine. Could it possibly be the compatibility since my old computer was operating on XP?


    “instead of adding them to the hard drive, I saved them directly to the computer”

    Sorry, I think I am confused as to where the videos you hare having trouble with are stored. Are they on an external hard drive that you purchased, the old drive from your computer, a DVD disk? etc. etc.?

    When you had said “I used an external hard drive to transfer my movies and documents to my new computer” I thought you meant that the video files were now stored on the laptop’s internal harddrive.

    If these video files are kept on something other than the internal harddrive, the problem you are experiencing is that the laptop is unable to read the data from this other device fast enough. It has nothing to do with having used Windows XP in the past. I’m guessing these videos are still on the external hard drive.

    Please provide the make and model of this external hard drive if you want additional help.


    If you try coping one of the video files form the external drive directly to your C: drive and try to play it does it play correctly?


    no it doesn’t. I tried that as well but it still lags and freezes up.


    My external hard drive is Maxtor One touch 4 500 GB. I have several videos on that drive from my old computer and I tried to play them on my new one but they lag. I re-downloaded one of the videos to see if maybe the video wasn’t compatible with my new computer for some reason but it played fine.


    If the two seemingly identical videos are located on the same drive then there is some kind of a difference between them.

    You can run this program on the two videos to see if they are in different video formats: