How do I connect My Acer Aspire to my TV?

by on March 30, 2010

Q: How can I connect my laptop to my TV. I have an ACER ASPIRE 5532 with windows 7 and my TV is a 42′ Vizio HDMI TV. I didn’t know you could even do that till a friend told me but I would really love to know how.

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    How is entirely dependent on what the video hookup options are on your laptop and on your TV.

    Specifically, we’re looking for VGA, DVI or HDMI hookups on both the TV and the laptop. Post a comment with what options exist on both the laptop and the tv. If you don’t know what a VGA, DVI or HDMI plug looks like, do a quick google image search.




    Assuming there isn’t a VGA plug on the back of your TV, your best option is probably going to be Component video (YPbPr) / VGA To HDMI Converter With Auto Up-scale.

    VGA is an analog signal, DVI and HDMI are digital, so you can’t just use a cable, a device like the one I linked to above is required to convert the signal from analog to digital.


    Mark, in the risk of being accused of hijacking, if in given case grubbk20’s computer has an HDMI out from the computer to go to his HDTV,, wouldn’t he still need an audio cable to carry sound?


    Yes, regardless of the video connection, grubbk20 will still need to hook up audio as well.

    A “3.5mm to Stereo RCA” cable should do the trick.


    Grubbk20, did a little looking into this, a couple of options that you have could be go with a wireless setup, you can get a decent one for around 150-200 USD., or you can get an “VGA/DVI” adapter, purchase a DVI to HDMI cable, (both available at Wal-Mart), and your done. Except for the audio cable as mentioned above, also known as a “Y” cable, due to the fact that it has the 3.5mm plug on one end and the two “RCA” plugs on the other..
    Good luck with this.


    re connections: there is a RGB connector and an audio connection on the back, cheapest solution = a VGA cable and a 3.5mm audio cable should do the trick


    * Avoid Wireless, the picture quality often suffers. Okay for powerpoint, not great for movies.

    * VGA to RGB with a simple cable probably won’t work either.
    See the ALL CAPS on the product description here:


    this being the back of the vizio, indicates that it has a pc connetctor for RGB/VGA,, ;×68/5e06319eda06f020e43594a9c230972d/r/e/rearpanel_2.jpg


      Wow that is a small thumbnail 🙂

      I don’t think he ever told us what Vizio TV he has. I think Mark covered all the options very well. If there is a VGA connection then it is as simple as connecting the laptop to the TV via the VGA connection like you would connect a monitor and then connecting a 3.5mm jack (male to male) from the laptop to the TV. This is how I do it on my Vizio that is 3 years old.

      If, however, there is no VGA connection then he needs to convert the analog video the digital for the TV to be able to display the picture. At this point, since there is no VGA connection then there might not be a 3.5mm jack either so other sound options will be needed as well, ie the 3.5mm to RCA that Mark suggested.

      At this point I think all the possible answers are here and it is up to Grubbk20 to respond if he has any more questions.