How do I fix Operating System Not Found error?

by on March 30, 2010

Q: I have a micron millennia XKU and I can’t get passed the startup screen, the one where it asks for F2 for setup. I went though through the setup and nothing happens so I thought I was doing something wrong so I changed the settings to default. Now when it restarts it goes back to that screen. It finally acts like its going to start only for it to tell me OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND.

I don’t know what operating system it needs or how to even get a disk for one. How do I fix this?

One Response to “How do I fix Operating System Not Found error?”

    I’m guessing you purchased this computer as-is, and never had an operating system (Windows, Linux, etc) running on it before.

    The problem is this computer came with a totally blank hard drive, so it has no software installed, no Windows, etc. This is a pretty old computer (~1998) (specs ~ Pentium II-333, 64MB of RAM), so your options are limited:

    1. Try and get your money back
    2. Recycle it
    3. Install a lightweight version of Linux:

    I’d suggest against installing Windows on this for two reasons:
    1. Any version that would work is out of support by Microsoft and leaves you open to security risks
    2. For the cost of a Windows license ($100+) you’re better off spending the money on a better computer that already has windows installed.

    Note that the Linux stuff can be complicated, if you do decide to go that route, I suggest you get support from their user forums.