Is it possible to get data off a laptop hard drive that has failed?

by on May 20, 2010

Q: I am wondering if there is a way of getting data / information off of hard drives that have crashed. I have had the misfortune when loading the service pack for Windows on two different laptops and the same result was for the hard drive to fail.

The laptops were an HP and a Toshiba. I have boxed the HP up and not looked at it for a while and bought a new hard drive for the Toshiba and just got on with things. I was wondering as I have data on these hard drives I have not got stored any where else is there any way of getting the info off and if so how do you do it? I have access to a desktop if that helps.

One Response to “Is it possible to get data off a laptop hard drive that has failed?”

    The combination of these 3 answers should get you started in the right direction

    The idea is that you can get an external hard drive enclosure for your laptop hard drive (make sure it is for a laptop hard drive and not a regular desktop hard drive) and then there is a chance you could get the data off the hard drive but there is no guarantee but for around $25.00 it is probably worth a shot.

    The other option is to spend a few hundred dollars and send it to a data recovery company. discusses some options for data recovery services if you get to that step.