How come I lose my themes on Windows XP each time I reboot?

by on June 1, 2010

Q: Running Windows XP, themes missing Windows XP, add them, but loose them again when I shutdown and reboot. I also noticed that my internet connection looses its DHCP when I reboot.

I have tried the system restore, but it does not help. Any ideas?

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    When you log back onto your computer does it say anything about loading a temporary profile? Also how much free disk space do you have on your system drive? Sometimes a full hard drive will cause your PC to not save your personal settings on reboot.



      No temporary profile. Lots of free disk space, over 75 percent free.


    Are you a local administrator on the computer? Have you been able to change themes in the past?


      Yes I am the administrator. No others on this computer. Yes, I have been able to change themes in the past.



    Open your services window (Start, Run, services.msc) and make sure Themes is set to Automatic and Started.


      I have done this again. It still resets once I reboot the system.


    look for a in your profile folder.
    If xp finds a , it will not save changes on logoff.
    The normal filename is ntuser.dat.

    Also check the NTFS permissions on your profile folder , you should have full access.


    If that does not work I would need to look @ your event logs. Can you save a copy of your application and system logs and email them to me?


      Got on the computer last night and did a few things. Ran Malware, etc. Computer boots up a little slow, get a popup of “Intel Audio Studio Controller” and an “Redirector” and XP themes is back.

      Now, when I go to click on my IE7, it starts up like it is going to the AT&T page, but it goes to bogus sites, bad sites.

      Apparently I have some Malware Hijacks or something.

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    I would recommend backing up your Data and try to run malwarebytes or superantispyware. If this appears to clean up the viruses/Spyware then try to run a program called Advanced system care. If you are still having issues I would recommend reloading the Operating system.