How do I read a HijackThis log?

by on June 8, 2010

Q: Help needed in reading a HijackThis log. I am running Windows XP and IE7. Had to print the log and then scan it. Can’t connect to internet with that computer.

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    Copy the log to a removable storage device like a USB memory stick.

    Then run the log file through a few of the popular hijack this log analyzers available on-line:


    Hi. I don’t have a USB stick and they are outlawed at work. The only way I can send anyone a log will be printing it and then making a scan to send to them. Can anyone help me here? Can I send you my scan to take a look at? I am stumped when I look at the log.


    I would be stumped too, they are very complicated to look at without running log analysis on the contents.

    It sounds like this computer is quarantined from communicating any data to any other electronic device because there might be a virus/spyware on the computer. In that case then your only option for fixing it at the end of the day is going to be doing a total wipe of the system. It’s also the only sure way of knowing the system is clean anyway. If security is that paramount, I wouldn’t waste time trying to be a manual virus scan.


    Thanks for the information. I will find another forum and see if I can find someone to look at my log.