How come I cannot play my old MP3 files after upgrading to Windows Media 11?

by on June 15, 2010

Q: Hi, I’m a high school teacher with a fully legal setup of Windows XP Pro and office enterprise. I updated the media player to mp11 (i think it was mp9). Now I can still play/watch videos but I can’t listen to my old mp3 music files.
I’ve tried installing codecs, rolling back – nothing works.

Also what I really want is a good all round media player and a simple (fast) avi to dvd burner (freeware) for the films I download. All my troubles started when I lost the freebee from giveaway of the day and started searching and downloading replacements.

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    Try VLC Media Player (free) for all your video/mp3 playing needs:

    Try Avi2DVd (freeware) for the burning:

    Also, for tracking down stuff like this in the future, is a great resource.


    Hi Mark, thank you.
    The VLC is great.
    As for the avi2dvd and imgburn, they make me feel like an idiot, not just a “digital immigrant”. Esp. the latter. After hours of playing about and reading the imgburn instructions I managed to burn something successfully . But it wouldn’t play on my dvd.
    I had two applications that did the job quite simply and lost them. I can’t understand why just moving a film from pc/avi to dvd/dvd isn’t simpler and faster.
    I guess the best answer is to upgrade my dvd player and use usb dok’s?
    I’ll check out the lifehacker site too, thanks. Immanuel


    If you’re not happy with the results of the freeware options you’re probably going to need to look at some paid software.

    Nero is probably a best bet: They have trial versions available.