Will a portable hand held TV run on an AC adapter?

by on June 18, 2010

Q: Portable hand-held TV’s all run on battery power but will they work on an AC adapter? There is nothing said they will work using it although it is obvious that the AC adapter will charge the batteries. The problem is that Batteries last about 2 hrs. I live in a hurricane prone area and I need another power source until I can get a generator going or the power comes on. Can you tell me if they will work using AC power?

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    The first item we must discuss is that we have moved from analog TV to digital TV so you need to make sure any hand held TV that you plan on using supports digital. I have a feeling finding an analog TV will be difficult to find but it still never hurts to make sure.

    The majority of the TVs out there can run off the battery, the AC adapter, or the DC adapter. I would highly suggest that getting a DC adapter is very important because you will have the option to plug the device into your car to charge it. Assuming you have a full tank of gas you should have no problem keeping the TV and other items charged for a week or more if used conservatively.


    Thank you for that, On most adds it is not clear if the Digital TV will actually run , or just charge using the adapter.

    Now which back up power do I use? Not sure how many watts they use, I’m wondering how long my UPS that my computer is connected to, how long will it power said TV. Or get another UPS. Yes, there are a lot of unknow variables. Need to go over the numbers, or just try it and see how long it will work.
    One will never know how long or powerful a storm will be, Just wish my old battery power analog TV would work. And my wife would never go out and sit in the car to see whats going on with whatever hurricane


      The car is not for you to go out and sit in it to watch the TV but to actually charge the TV if you do not have a generator or another way to charge the battery in the portable TV.

      As for how long a UPS will work you just have to figure out how many watts your TV will pull and from there look at the UPS manual and it will tell you how long it should run for based on the number of watts being pulled. The annoying part about a UPS is that most of them beep when the power goes out and they become annoying really fast. If you get one made for your entertainment center then they might have an option to turn the beeping off. I know I searched for months to finally find one but I know they also stopped making it so I am not sure if there are any out on the market anymore.

      They also make battery powered generators, not sure why they call them generators but they do, that have deep cycle car batteries in them. It is really a UPS with a car battery in it. These might be useful as well or you could even just get an inexpensive car batter, car battery charger, and a DC to AC converter to charge your portable TV and again you would calculate how long the TV would run based on how powerful the battery is and how many watts the TV pulls.

      Your best bet would probably be to get an 800 or 1000 watt quiet generator. You can get them for around $300 and you can use that to charge a few items in your house. I would, however, suggest that you connect a UPS to the generator and then your devices to the UPS.


    Most devices like this will run using either their internal battery or an AC Adapter.

    Consider purchasing an Emergency Radio like once of these: http://amzn.to/9P1cGe as they can work using even just a hand crank.


    One big problem with the digital switch, we in hurricane prone areas, did not want to go back to the 60’s, and have to just hear the weather reports.
    One is so much more informed when you can see it actually happening.
    Now our old analog tv’s wont work. Battery digital sets last around 2 hrs. Storms move slow, and it hasn’t happened yet, that I know of: but it could stop moving for any period of time. So there is a need for some kind of battery back up system.
    But of course there is always the back up radio for emergency. I would hope everyone has one of those