How do I configure a Netgear USB wireless adapter on my Mac?

by on June 19, 2010

Q: Trying to install a Netgear USB Wireless adapter on a Mac running OS X 10.4.11. The CD that came with it was for a PC so I had to download the driver from Netgear’s site and transfer it to my Mac. I installed it but apparently I’m supposed to configure it now in the Mac’s “System Preferences/Network”. In the Network area there are 5 tabs: TCI/IP, PPoE, AppleTalk, Proxies, Ethernet and I have no idea how to configure any of this.

One Response to “How do I configure a Netgear USB wireless adapter on my Mac?”

    The first screen you see when you go to System Preferences -> Network is a screen that shows your different devices like Built-in Ethernet, Built-in FireWire, etc.

    You should see your USB Wireless card in there although I am not certain what the name would be. If it is not there then you need to press the + button in the bottom left and a popup will come up and from there you need to select your interface. There will be a drop down and you will need to look for your USB wireless adapter.

    Once you get there then you will just need to go back to the first page and double click on that device and tell it to connect to your wireless network.