Should I get a Linksys router or Cisco Valet Plus?

by on June 23, 2010

Q: I am about to replace my 6.5 year old desktop, which is connected to my 6.5 year old 802.11b wireless router via Ethernet and uses WEP. I figure I should replace the router too so I can move to WAP. 6.5 years ago it was a nightmare to set up the router. Now I have the desktop, laptop, and printer working smoothly with wireless. I’m terrified of starting all over again. I’m looking at the new Cisco Valet Plus which claims to make all of this easy. Should I go with the Valet or stick to a Linksys router?

Both would be wireless-N. Also what should I do first, install the new router or install the new desktop? The desktop is running Windows XP, the laptop is MAC OS 10.x. Also HP offers the option of a wireless LAN card in the desktop. Any thoughts about that?

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    Linksys is owned by Cisco so you’ll be dealing with the same company either way.

    Reviews of the Valet stuff is generally positive. As with any project purchase I suggest you read the reviews for the products your interested in on

    Valet on Amazon