How can I scan a document into Microsoft Word 2007?

by on July 1, 2010

Q: How can a scan a Document into Microsoft word 2007 while maintaining the page format. I am aware that I can use Microsoft Office Document imaging to change image to text and send it to word however all the format is lost. Is there any free program that can do this?

One Response to “How can I scan a document into Microsoft Word 2007?”

    If your scanner does not have software that will do this for you and our answers like How To Scan A Document And Then Edit It do not help you then you might want to try something like where you would scan to a PDF and then upload to a free site that will convert it for you. I have personally had very good luck with web based conversion sites but it might be hit or miss for you depending on the format you are trying to match.

    There is nothing that will do 100% correct. You will always have to do some modifications.