What is the best way to split up a QuickBooks file?

by on July 1, 2010

Q: I made the mistake of putting together several different companies into one single database file in QuickBooks. Each company is divided into different classes. Now I need to separate each company into its own database. One idea that I had was to duplicate the database and erase all the transactions from the classes except one class which will be assigned for that database. Is it possible to delete multiple transactions to achieve this? Or do you have a better idea to un-merge the database into several databases?

One Response to “What is the best way to split up a QuickBooks file?”

    You are right, the best way to do this is to make multiple copies of the company file and delete what you don’t need for each company. From there you will have to change any settings in the file like the company name etc.

    You will want to make a copy of the company file and burn it to a CD, DVD, or just put it some place place where you cannot touch it so that you have a safe backup. Then it is just a matter of manually going in and deleting everything. It will be a long and painful process but one that it seems you have to do.