What are the minimum requirements for installing OS X 10.0?

by on July 4, 2010

Q: i have a G3 Mac desktop that ran OS 8 and now runs 9.2.2 but I want to upgrade to 10.0. I have the disk but it won’t boot up on the disk! Is there anything i need to do to help it upgrade?

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    From everything I can find the only G3 that was not supported for 10.0 was the original G3 powerbook so that should not be the issue.

    Are you getting any errors when you try to install this?


    well when i insert the disk for 10.1 the computer says it can’t reed it because its not compatible. i try to start up on the disk and it just stays as a blank gray screen!


      Is it possible the the 10.1 (is it 10.1 or 10.0?) is a DVD and you only have a CD drive?

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    well i just got a new copy of 10.0 on a CD and i think the problem was that the CD drive was replaced and a compact CD drive was put in instead and now the cd is loading on now. Thanks for helping