What does it mean when my mail host will not accept email from me because my IP is blacklisted?

by on July 4, 2010

Q: I have Incredimail. I know my mail protocols are correct. Yet sometimes it will give me a error message. 550 550 This system is configured to reject mail from [] (Host blacklisted – Found on Realtime Black List server ‘xbl.spamhaus.org’)

What does this mean and how can I fix it?

One Response to “What does it mean when my mail host will not accept email from me because my IP is blacklisted?”

    The simple answer is you have a virus, trogan, or something else on your computer that is sending out millions of spam emails to the rest of the users on the Internet so you need to clean your computer and you need to protect it so that it does not happen anymore. Unfortunately something like 90% of spam emails are sent from users computers like yours who do not do their part in protecting their computers from attackers.

    The way you can figure this out is by going to the person that reported you as being spam. In this case that is http://www.spamhaus.org/ and from there you will want to look for the blocklist removal, which in this case is at http://www.spamhaus.org/lookup.lasso

    From there you type in your IP address, as shown in the error, and in your case you will see a link to CBL. If you click on that link you will see “IP Address currently listed in the CBL. It appears to be infected with a spam sending trojan or proxy.” as well as limited information on how to protect yourself.

    Sorry if you find this response a little harsh but people have to realize a computer is not just something you plug in and turn on like a microwave. It requires you do your research and make sure you are protected. This is not a one time thing but something you have to stay on top of monthly if not more often by making sure you have the latest updates to your operating system, latest patches for your virus software, make sure your virus software scans for ad-ware as well as trojans, and make sure you have a good firewall (usually part of your modem/router).