What is the best way to turn a WAV file into a text file?

by on July 19, 2010

Q: I need to convert previously recorded WAV files saved onto my computer as text files. Is this possible to do? If so what software would you recommend? (They are saved voicemail messages I need for a court case).

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    I would suggest that since it is for a court case that you will probably need the actual audio recording for the judge/jury to confirm that the voice on the recording is the voice of the person in question.

    Hopefully one of the other geeks can suggest software that will let you turn wave files into text files but I just wanted to make sure to point out that bringing the original recordings is probably very important.


    Since accuracy is critical these will need to be transcribed by hand. There isn’t any software that will automatically create transcripts with 100% accuracy.

    Talk to your lawyer about transcript requirements.