Are there any wireless routers that have a phone built in?

by on July 20, 2010

Q: I have just moved into my new house so I want to set my laptop, PC, PS3, and xbox 360 wirelessly to the Internet so I can game online. Is there any wireless router that can handle that, that also has a phone attached (like BoB from iinet but better).

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    I would recommend going with a linksys Wireless N Router with Vonage or another VoIP service running seperately off of the router. You could also try Magic Jack, I’ve heard pretty good things about their service as well.


    You won’t find any routers with a phone build right in, and this is for the best anyway since many people don’t want their phone in the same exact spot as their router, and you may needed to swap phones out if you switch VOIP phone providers.

    Some good options to consider for VOIP phone service will be:
    Your Internet Service Provider

    Also, consider plugging at least your main computer into the router, most need an Ethernet connection for initial setup and configuration anyway.