Can I upgrade my HP Media Center to a 3 Ghz or faster processor?

by on July 22, 2010

Q: I have an HP Media Center PC m1160n, version 2002, Windows XP SP2,. AMD 64 Athlon 3400+ 1.79 ghz, 1GB RAM.

I like the unit but would like to know if it could be upgraded to a faster processor, say 3.0+ ghz and 2GB RAM at a reasonable price, while keeping all the other features of the unit?

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    This page from HP has a ‘Maximum approved processor’ list and it looks like you’re already pretty much at the top for the motherboard in the system right now.

    First off, Ghz isn’t a good measure of CPU performance at all. One processor can run at 1.4Ghz and another at 3.6Ghz and have identical performance!

    I always use a site like to help me compare CPU performance, otherwise it’s too hard to keep all the names straight.

    Anyway, for a worthwhile performance boost you’d need to replace the motherboard to support some more current hardware. Depends on your needs and your budget, that may or may not be a road you want to go down, or it might be more cost effective to purchase a new unit.

    If you’re having to wait a long time for different programs to load, upgrading the RAM to 2GB should make a pretty big improvement and be quite cheap.


    Some more info for my above comment:

    This computer uses old DDR RAM, which has become more expensive as companies make less and less of it. On-line prices look to be around $80 for 2GB of DDR PC3200 RAM.

    You’ll need to buy a set of two 1GB sticks, like these:

    …and replace your existing RAM, because there are only two RAM slots in your computer and both of these are probably filled with a 512MB stick of RAM.