How can I connect my TV to my Internet?

by on July 22, 2010

Q: My DSL Internet is in one room and my TV is in another. How do I connect the two?

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    I would suggest using your existing power infrastructure to get your Television on the internet. “Power Networking” You will spend anywhere between 60-100 dollars but it will run the network traffic through the power wires that are in your walls. This is completely safe. You can find the devices to do it here… Otherwise I would suggest to hire an electrician to run the ethernet cable professionally.


    You’ve got a lot of options, but before I make a suggestion, I have a few questions about your current setup.

    How is your DSL connection setup right now? Do you have just a DSL modem that hooks directly into your computer or is there a router that allows for wireless networking or to have more computers hooked up?

    Also, about your house:
    How old is it?
    Are you in a very densely populated area?
    How far is the tv from your DSL connection?