Will getting a better video card help me increase my frames per second on massively multiplayer online games?

by on July 25, 2010

Q: I would like to buy a new computer that is better for gaming but can’t really afford the cost at the moment, but perhaps in the next year or so. I am hoping to improve PVP lag issues I have in an MMO. I think the bottleneck is mainly my video card.

My system is a Intel core 2 running Vista, 2.33 ghz 2 gig ram. My power supply is 300w. My current video card is an ATI Raedeon HD 2600. If I simply buy a better video card (and perhaps a power supply if necessary) will I see lag issues improve? Will I be forced to get another power supply?

I have FiOS isp, so its not the isp.

There are times when there are perhaps 20-40 players in a small area and I get 1 frame for 1-5 seconds. It’s very aggravating.

Any input on what i can buy on kind of a budget is appreciated. I would like to spend <$150 if possible since more money would be better spent on a whole new computer. I would like to just improve what I have for now, and get a new system in the not too distant future. Thank you.

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    Your computer is great, the problem is most likely on the game server side or with the game itself.

    I suggest you contact support for the game and let me know about the issue you’re experiencing.


    Hi, thank you for your reply but most people on the game do not have lag issues the way that I do. I also have to have my graphics on almost every aspect turned down to the lowest setting or off.

    I also think I forgot to mention that my system is 32 bit. My friends say my video card is about 2 generations old? Again, my system does fine except during PVP battles when there are 20ish+ players in an area.

    I would love a suggestion on a video card to buy. Someone told me that an “express” video card woud not be compatible?

    Please help… 🙁


    What game is this, and what is your budget for a video card?


    Hi there, its Lord of the Rings online, and as I said i would like to spend no more than about < $150 total just to put off buying a new system for now and perhaps buy a new one when SWTOR comes out.

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    Whoops, it seems I was looking at the wrong benchmark charts for your video card. A video card upgrade would probably be a good idea regardless since you’re a gamer. Good benchmark site: http://www.videocardbenchmark.net

    Confirm you support running PCI-Express video cards, and then I’d suggest a Radeon 5770. http://bit.ly/95xyCF

    If you’re unsure of brand, I usually suggest XFX, Sapphire or Asus.