How come I cannot reinstall Office 2007 after uninstalling it by accident?

by on July 26, 2010

Q: I am afraid I have deleted my office 2007 program from my computer. My icons on my desktop are gone and I don’t know enough to know why.

I tried to delete another program and I guess I hit the wrong line item, because the window said Office 2007 deleting.

When I do Windows Key / E nothing happens.

I tried to reinstall the CD for Office XP but nothing happened, please help I am so afraid I have lost everything.

2 Responses to “How come I cannot reinstall Office 2007 after uninstalling it by accident?”

    If your feeling very confused I suggest you have someone take a look at the computer to get things set back up correctly for you.


    If you have un-installed office 2007 you will need the CD to re-install it. You will not be able to install Office 2007 with the Office XP media.

    Although you may have accidentally un-installed Office on your computer all of your documents should still be on your computer. You will not be able to open the files to read or modify them until you get Office re-installed or you use open office (Open Source document editor and office suite) and it is free. But if you have a valid copy of office 2007 I would suggest using Office since that is what you are used to.