How come I do not hear sound from DVDs on my computer?

by on July 26, 2010

Q: Please help me get sound back from dvd player (HP pavillion pc) which seems to have been corrupted.

I can hear files played from hard disk via Media Player or VLC , but i can’t hear sound from dvds.

I’m pretty sure the burner is still working and i get the video picture but no sound.

I think i messed up my system by installing and uninstalling various avi to dvd conversion/burning software.

I did get an error message a few times with media player: mpc-hc 1.3.1976.0 error creating dx9 allocation presenter create device failed d3derr_notavailable

Thanks for any help! Imm

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    Try installing VLC, it’s free, and uses its own codecs:


    Thank you. I had installed VLC on your advice quite some time ago. I reinstalled it following your comment now and it works. WMP is still not working so I will try to reinstall it too. Thanks Again! Imm