How can I digitalize all the photos in a photo album?

by on July 29, 2010

Q: I have thousands of photographs (various sizes) in photo albums that I want to transfer into my computer without having to scan each one in separately. I can’t seem to find a wand/hand scanner with more than 600dpi…and for decent resolution I’ve heard 700dpi is the minimum requirement. Any suggestions?

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    You can buy an expensive batch photo scanner with a hopper and spend lot of time working on the project, or have someone else do it.

    Some ideas and articles:


      Its cost prohibitive to mail out thick (over 100 pages), large albums (8×10), as well as the possibility that the pictures could be lost in transport. My albums are crammed full of pictures (many pics on each page) and are stuck (glue backing in albums) to the page. It would be cheaper and easier to buy my own wand/hand scanner where I could scan in each picture on each page separately into the computer. I just need to know what gadget is best to buy which will have give the right resolution/quality. I’ve seen high tech stuff in movies…is any of that real and if so where can I buy it?


    Almost all tech stuff you see in movies is made up Hollywood magic. Doubly so for anything having to do with digital imaging.

    Any kind of a wand/hand scanner you have isn’t going to give you the scan quality you’ll want for photos. And if these photos can’t even be removed from the albums and put into a stack (to go into a feeder), you’re looking at needing to do this work with a flat bed scanner.

    Scanning photos isn’t magic or instant, it is a time consuming process that takes practice and patience to do it right.

    If you insist on doing it yourself, here are some models to consider:

    Epson Perfection V300 Photo Color Scanner
    Epson Perfection v600 Photo Color Scanner

    You can also contact photo stores in your area to see what kind of scanning services they offer to avoid shipping your albums around.