How come I cannot get my computer to boot from the new hard drive I installed?

by on July 29, 2010

Q: i installed my hard drive as master & put org. as slave.. when reboot nothing came up but black screen. org. 98 windows came up but wont do anything. i went in F1 setup utility and when i checked info. Only said i had 1 (master)drive and no slave. Also it seems bios never read the master drive .. if i can get anything up it is the old 98 screen but it should be on XP from the drive i just installed not 98(ORG. recovery disk for type of comp. ran on 98) What should i do? maybe take out the slave drive (not reading anyways) & try with only 1 drive in? ( I really don’t want to use the comp. recovery disk because i want this other drives XP not 98)