How come my computer thinks my C drive is my F drive when I try to restore my computer?

by on August 1, 2010

Q: I have a problem with my laptop. I was using the windows 7 RC version. It expired and I’m forced to re install windows vista. easy enough. However, when I try to I get the error that 1.42GB memory is used out of a 1.64GB. I tried using system restore, but there is no operating system to select. I went to “load drivers”. I noticed that my C drive is like 1.64GB, and I have an F drive that is 147GB… I think somehow my C and D drives got switched. But, the operating system will only install on the C drive. How can I fix this so that it installs on the F drive? Rather, may be I am able to switch the letters of the drive somehow?

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    I should note that whenever I try to start windows normal I get the message : “Bootmgr is missing”.


    i also tried this:

    I still get the message when I put disk three in that “Not enough room blah blah blah”.


    Can someone help me? I kind of need this problem to be fixed right away. I will keep this updated from the things try, which will be none, because I;m out of ideas.


    You have any idea if you have a single hard drive or multiple? If you have a single hard drive then you can repartition the hard drive to be a single partition.


    Single hard drive. How do I repartition? I didn’t see anything in the BIOS or in the cd I loaded. It’s a Toshiba a200 Tr6. If that helps.

  6. could get you started in the right direction. When installing it should be an option.


    Whenever I click full restore Toshiba recovery wizard, it does it automatically. I can’t choose.


    Okay then you will have to make your own boot disk partition/format your drive yourself.


    How do I do that? Sorry, Idk how to.


    Hi Always, Before I start, Is there any data on the drive that you need to recover? If so you may want to bring the computer to someone that can recover the data for you. It sounds like your trying to restore on a toshiba laptop. Are you using the recovery CD’s or the regular OS installation disks? I think that because these Partitions have been swapped that it will not be possible to use the recovery CD. Do you have a windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 install disk? If so you can boot to the cd, follow some of the prompts and will be able to clear the partitions. I think that once you have done that that you can run the toshiba recovery cd’s. If you can get ahold of one of those disks and need further assistance let me know, I should be able to walk you through the menu’s.


    Hey. Thanks for the replies. I only have the Toshiba recovery disks. I am trying just completely re install windows vista home premium. So it seems to me that I need the full version of home premium, the recovery disks don’t suffice. I


    When you are in the toshiba recovery disk and it is looking at the drives, do you have any advanced options that would allow you to delete partitions? If so delete both of the partitions, The recovery CD should re-create them upon installation. What version of the recovery cd are you running? I can try to find more information on the menu’s that it has available.


    I’m using disk 1 of 4? Not sure what version. And It doesn’t detect an operating system. I can load drivers, but that’s with the partition that exists. And nothing is on my hard drive or the partitions. Unless I can hook up an USB with something that can fix this problem.


    This should be handy, It looks like it may have the option to delete the partitions that we need to delete to move forward…. If not it does have helpful information to rebuilding from a “Blank” hard drive which is what you will have after the partitions are deleted.


    Try to download “super F Disk” and burn the ISO to a cd then boot to the cd on your laptop. it claims to be able to delete partitions. Delete the partitions then start with your toshiba recovery cd’s fresh.


    I burned the iso to a DVD and it doesn’t work. It still says bootmgr is missing. So I figured that must means it worked or something because it was a dos program and it would still say bootmgr because there is nothing on the hard drive. So I loaded my Toshiba recovery disks and it still says the same problem.


    I also went to recovery options, and went to the cmd. typed in E: then dir then I tried to load the sdisk.exe and it said it could not be found. So then I tried for fun, the autoexec.bat and it saus the sdisk.exe could not be found. I also burned to the disk the file that I would use if I could actually get into windows. I opened it from dos and It said that it could not work because of other processes (i.e the recovery options being opened). I could close it either because it will automatically restart the computer.


    Any ideas guys?


    I tried some other ideas, such as changing the names of the drives through the registry on the Toshiba recovery disk. Natta. Gah. Is there an operating system that is like 1 GB big?