How come my monitor does not support a higher resolution than 640×480?

by on August 1, 2010

Q: ok after all my ?? about my crapy old comp. and trying to add hard drives etc.. i finally gave up and went to a place and bought a refurbished compaq computer its only for email,searching the web,putting music into it, no videos or movies.. just your basics, i want to download a free windows word program like excell and word doc. but that is not my question right now.. the Compaq has 512 mb ram,40 gb HDD, CD rom, sff desktop intel peintium 4,1.8 GHz processor. NOW WHAT EVER THAT ALL MEANS?? BUT it did not come with a monitor or printer, just key board and mouse and windows xp software.I also bought a DYNEX wireless G USB Network adapter. WOW now that works great.. but anyways. i got my new comp. home and did what i had to do.. now this dumb ass old monitor is the Energy Cicerio that ran with my aptiva ABM (LOL Remember me now??) Anyways ran on wind. 98 and i used to get 640X 480 pixels and ooohhh and 16 BIT colors.. now i have the chose of wind. xp or classic i chose classic.. my graphic suck, i can hardley see any pics, after many hours changing this and that i can see text and all my internet pages come up and doing good, But installing the xp disk for the computer to set it up in the display prop. setting tab it shows. Display(Default monitor)on, Screen Resolution the slider is at low and the pixels 640 x 480 but i cant move the slider, Colour quality is ooohhhh booyyyy A BIG (4BIT)LOWEST. I CANT CHANGE that either when i try to bring drop down it just shows me the 4bit stuff. system tests and every other programs etc.all say that everything is working fine including my audio eg. speakers etc. that are not even a default nothing.. but that another ?? tomorrow. lol. now is there anything i can do? Download anything to up my monitor to get better (well better everything)? Way back when the IBM was hooked up and working great the monitor and graphics etc. were perfect..Could it be maybe i dont have something in this new comp.. like video card, colour?? graphics?? whatever..they have now.. to make it look and run normal>> or honestly am I just plain out of luck.. deal with it until i can either get new monitor, or do u think i need to get a card or something.. i am pretty sure it has ?? in it..