How come when I try to download something my computer opens up Word?

by on August 2, 2010

Q: Every time an update for any software or I try and download something. Instead of downloading the file or the update it brings up Microsoft Word and shows the web page through that instead of doing the download. Why is it doing this? I can’t seem to download anything on updates when I click the link, just converts it to a word format.

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    Try the following MS article to fix this. Make sure that you are running Vista or Windows 7 before trying the fix. If you are not using either of the two operating systems please let me know and I’ll see if I can find anything else related to this issue.


    I tried this and it did not resolve the issue at hand. 🙁


    What are you running for an operating system?


    Windows Vista. Basically say there is an update for like adobe or a program.. it says would you like the update now.. when i click yes, no matter what update or exe file it is… once i click it , it activates microsoft word and puts that update page in word format instead of downloading the file or going to the webpage to download the update.


    ok, so it sounds like it is just pertaining to .exe file extensions. When did this start happening? Have you tried to do a system restore to an earlier time when you weren’t having this problem. Do you know what may have caused it? I have found a couple more articles that may resolve this…
    This one has the same fix that I have given you before but the 4th one down may fix it for you…

    Here is a technet posting of multiple people with the same issue and what they did to resolve it…

    This may also work….
    let me know if you have exhausted these fixes and if they work or not.


    I keep trying these options.some of them go.. and them some i get it says some are open by thge system in another processs. even in safe mode it wont go through.. ugggg this is so frusterating