If I put a new SATA drive in my computer can I buy a USB encloser for my old IDE drive?

by on August 3, 2010

Q: I have a Samsung 160 GB SATA drive. The drive model is: HD160JJ/P.

My question is, since I have a computer running the older IDE style ata drive would it be possible for me to buy an encloser to house this drive and run it as USB?

This is the product I was intending to use and would like to know if it will do what I am wanting it to do.


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    Yes, you can use an enclosure to house a hard drive and run it as an external USB drive.

    The enclosure you buy will be dependent on what hard drive you want to install in the enclosure.

    The two that you linked to support SATA hard drives exclusively according to their description. So they would work with your Samsung 160GB SATA drive.

    You would not be able to install your old IDE drive in these enclosures.

    Here is one that has plugs for both IDE and SATA, allowing you to put whatever drive you want into the enclosure:


    Look for others listed as supporting IDE and SATA if you want both options.

    If you’d rather run your SATA card internally, you can buy a SATA Controller Card.