Desktop or Laptop? Dell or Acer?

by on August 5, 2010

Q: I am a fashion student, gamer, photographer, videographer, and general media nut! I need lots of memory, a video card, the latest Windows, and something internet ready & super fast!

What would be best for me?

One Response to “Desktop or Laptop? Dell or Acer?”

    I suggest going with a Desktop as you will get a LOT more performance for your money, and have the ability to upgrade the machine as your needs grow and change.

    As far as brand goes, everyone with the exception of Apple puts most of the same hardware and software in the computer. So you’ll want to focus on reliable support, attractive system configurations and good prices. I’ve used systems built by both companies and had good results.

    Both companies market desktop computers to your needs. I suggest you take a look at your options on their websites and if you want some advice on different specific options you can post those below.

    One specific thing that I will suggest you look at is Dell’s Ultrasharp line of LCD monitors. These are excellent for situations where color accuracy is important. Most LCDs on the market use cheaper display methods that can show slightly different colors depending on the angle they are viewed. So you’ll pay more, but if color accuracy for photo prints, etc is important to you, you might want to consider these for your monitor solution: