Will switching to VoIP save my small business money?

by on August 7, 2010

Q: I run a small business that uses two phone and one dsl line with windows xp. I was looking into cutting costs and consolidating. If I get a router and keep my dsl line I was told I could hook my Internet, VoIP would take over my phone # , Fax and Credit card Machine could also be hooked into the router. Since the fax and credit card are phone lines could those really work through a router. Can I take a call and run a credit card through at the same time? I only see routers doing VoIP and from computer to computer is that right?

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    It may or may not provide a savings. VOIP can work from phone to phone without requiring a computer.

    You can contact your DSL provider about VOIP options for your small business, and also check with Vonage: http://www.vonage.com

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    In my personal experience I have used VoIP services that were good sometimes and really bad other times. Then I have also used other VoIP services that worked flawlessly.

    So in my opinion you would have to see a good size savings to consider switching to VoIP over a standard phone line.