How come a new wireless card still wont get me online?

by on August 13, 2010

Q: I have a presario F730us laptop. For the past few weeks the light in the front that shows the wireless is on (orange if off and blue if on) was orange and not reading the wireless card no matter what. But it would be off and on, sometimes working sometimes not. All the sudden a week ago it just went out all together and nothing will fix it. I did everything HP told me to like updates, update the drivers, take the plugs out of the wireless card and re-plug them and nothing worked.

They then told me the wireless card was bad but tonight I took it to get a new one and they put one in there and it still would not work. They tried a few other things (not sure what) and still nothing would make the wireless work what so ever anymore.

The drivers would say Microsoft adapter ISATAP not working error 31. But nothing fixes anything and I did everything Microsoft and HP said and still nothing.