How come Windows Media Player changes the artist name on some of my MP3 files to the wrong artist?

by on August 16, 2010

Q: Windows media player 11 w/Vista (all current updates). I’ve got 3 songs in my library that are driving me insane. I can get the two Baez songs to accept the data from the MS database, but, it then goes and grabs a 3rd song from an entirely different arts and changes that songs title/album/artist information. If I work it the other way around then the 2 Baez songs get changed (album/title/artist). I’ve got about 100 songs in the library and just these three are driving me crazy. All songs are in mp3 format. Any solutions?

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    It sounds like the Id3 Tags are not setup correctly in the file. You can use an id3 tag editor such as this one… Open the files with this application to see if they are labeled correctly. If they are not label them correctly and this should fix your issues.


      I did d/l the mp3tag program and on a whimsy have been whacking out all of the album information, leaving artist and song title alone (figure clean that out, dump the old album art and then try again….) Anyway, in the tag column all I see is ID3v2.3 (ID3.v1 ID3v2.3). It’s the same in every song listing (249 in the list according to mp3tag).

      This mp3tag looks like a good editing program for this kind of stuff. Just have to figure out what all the things are it displays and can do!

      I also downloaded winamp and am going to try to figure out how to add album information via that program. So, guess my question at this point is, are my ID3 tags proper, and just what is an ID3 anyway (I know, use the internet to find out )

      Thanks, Fletcha.



    Also if you have Winamp …. I know that there is a free id3 tag editor built into their software as well.