How come I cannot print to my printer from both of my computers?

by on August 18, 2010

Q: I have two computers, one a 32 bit and another a 64 bit, both Dell’s. I can’t seem to make my two computers print from the same printer, an HP 3180C All-in-One. Please advise if this can be done. Can I buy a splitter for a dual cable hook-up?

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    How do you have things setup right now?


      To be honest, Mark, there is no telling. At first, a friend computer tech came out to help me set up this new computer and I think he tried to set it up so that we had it to operate from the older computer, where I had to have it on so that I could print from my computer. When that failed to work, and he was gone, I changed settings so many times to try to get it going, that I don’t know where I started. I know just enough to be adventurous. Can you, or anyone on this site direct me to a site that has step to step directions? What about a splitter so that I could use commands both from this computer and the older computer? Thanks for taking the time to try to help.

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    Something like the IOGear 2-Port USB 2.0 Printer Auto Sharing Switch should do the trick.


    Thanks, Mark for the help. I’ll be ordering one of those. 😀