How come my attachment opens in notepad as gibberish and symbols?

by on August 19, 2010

Q: I received an attachment in a email through AOL and it is very important that I view it but when I open the attachment it opens in note pad and it is a bunch of gibberish its not words just symbol. How do I fix this so that I can open the attachment?

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    The file should have a 3 or 4 character extension at the end of it. Probably one something like:


    If you can tell me that information, I can tell you how to open the file correctly.


      hi mark! the extension that is at the end of both of them are .doc

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    .doc is Microsoft Word format.

    If you don’t own Microsoft Word, you can Install the Microsoft Word Viewer program:


    ok thanks after i download that what do i do so im able to view them


    After you download and install the software, it should just work correctly. No additional actions should be required.