How can I get the IR signal to a device in closed cabinet?

by on August 24, 2010

Q: I have a Harman Kardon AVR 247 receiver for home tv and speakers and want to close the cabinet door containing the AVR, thereby covering the IR sensor for the remote. Must I obtain a KH compatible remote IR sensor to jack into the back of the AVR and must it have a separate AC supply?

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    Remote IR Sensor: This sensor receives infrared (IR) commands
    from the remote control. It is important to ensure that it is not blocked.
    If covering the sensor is unavoidable, such as when the AVR 247 is
    placed inside a cabinet, you may use an optional Harman Kardon
    HE 1000, or other infrared receiver, connecting it to the Remote IR
    Input on the AVR 247’s rear panel. Alternatively, connect the Remote IR
    Output of another compatible component to the AVR 247’s Remote
    IR Input. Point the remote at the other device’s remote sensor, and the
    command will be transmitted to the AVR 247. An external IR “blaster”
    may also be used, positioned to point at this area.


    Must the “other infrared receiver” be specially compatible with Harman Kardon? Will the inexpensive models with just a 1/8 ” jack work, or must it also have an AC power source like the HE1000A?


    You’ll probably be fine with a generic non-powered IR receiver. I’d suggest buying from someone with a good return policy just in case.