How come my monitor shows no signal when I turn on my computer?

by on August 25, 2010

Q: My computer was working fine when I decided to shut it down and give it some rest (as it had been ‘on’ for weeks). But after I switched it back on, I could see the booting process but after 1 second, the screen disappeared and the light on the monitor turned from green to ample. When I switch the monitor off and on again, same thing happens – monitor light turns green (and can see windows being loaded) and after 1 second the screen disappears and the monitor light turns ample. There is no display of ‘standyby mode’ or anything like that, just blank.

I’ve noticed same thing happens when the computer is switched off. When the computer is off, I turn on the monitor and can see the display ‘power save mode’ for 1 second and then its gone and light is turned from green to ample. When I disconnect the VGA cord from the graphics card connected to the monitor, I get the ‘no signal data’ displayed on the screen and that does not disappear. However as soon as I reconnect the VGA Cord into the graphics card, the ‘power save mode’ appears for a second and then is gone.

The monitor works fine on other computer. Is there a problem with the graphics card or the motherboard AGP card slot?

One Response to “How come my monitor shows no signal when I turn on my computer?”

    Sounds like your monitor is fine. Monitors automatically go into a power save mode when they don’t detect any signal coming from the computer they are plugged into.

    You’re likely having an issue with the computer’s hardware itself. I’d suggest that you have someone take a look at the computer.