How do I know if a WiFi signal booster will work with my WiFi network?

by on August 25, 2010

Q: I posted a question yesterday regarding being able to boost my wireless signal in order to make it reach my mothers computer which is all the way on the other end of the house, where she is currently unable to even locate the wireless signal at all. You provided me with a link to a previously answered question (WiFi Signal Booster Options, which gave me the options of either relocating my router to a more central location in the house, which for us is not possible. The other options were either getting a WiFi Booster Antenna, WiFi access point, or a WiFi signal booster.

I would like to look into either getting a Wifi Booster Antenna, or a Wifi signal booster, before I attempt to setup an additional access point. However, when I looked them up I was unable to locate one that seems like it will be compatible with my current router. We are leasing a router from Comcast, it is a Linksys WCG200-CC. Am I correct that we will not be able to find any compatible Wifi Booster Antenna, or a Wifi signal booster for this router?

I just wanted to double check before we attempted to go the other route. And, beyond that, if we must attempt the additional access point, is this something we should contact Comcast for, or is it feasible for us to set this up ourselves?? Thank you so much for your help!

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    You’ll want what is called either a Wireless-G “Range Expander”, “Repeater” or “Booster”. They all mean the same thing.

    Nothing needs to be specifically compatibly with the WCG200-CC. Whatever you buy just has to support Wireless-G.

    Another option to consider would be Powerline networking

    For how that works and the pros/cons see