How can I download streaming videos from the Internet?

by on August 26, 2010

Q: I just paid $463.95 for a three related informational/instructional products online. The sales letter describes the products as downloadable. The links to the two upgrade (upsells) say “Download…” and the name of the upgrade.

The first product consists of MP3 files only, and they are downloadable. The second consists of 11 videos, each accompanied by a PDF file, although it was advertised as videos only. The third is eight videos only. The PDFs are downloadable. The videos are not. While I can watch the videos online, if I want to have them available for reference (and I do), I will have to pay $114 a month for a subscription to the web site.

When I right click on the videos, a menu that says “Settings,” “Global Settings” and “About Adobe Flash Player 10” pops up. I assume this means the files are in Adobe Flash format.

I could ask for my money back, but I’d rather get what I paid for.

Is there any way to download these files or, as an alternative, capture them from the screen?

I’m running a Dell laptop with Windows XP.

One Response to “How can I download streaming videos from the Internet?”

    It sounds like you would need to follow up with the company that you purchased the videos from and explain to them that it doesn’t appear to be working correctly. You may be able to do some research and find that Flash videos are usually saved to your temporary internet files directory while you are watching/downloading them, then removed from that directory when you close the page.