How come my DVD drives will not work on my Dell Dimension?

by on August 26, 2010

Q: I have a Dimension 3k running Windows XP service pack 3. Windows tells me that everything is working properly even though it is not. Neither one of my DVD drives will work. I can not get them to load or read anything. Any help would be way cool.

One Response to “How come my DVD drives will not work on my Dell Dimension?”

    Are these drives that came with the computer, or did you install them yourself?

    Also, when did the problem start were there any changes that you made to the computer around the same time?

    If you haven’t made any hardware changes, the drives show up in Windows, and your problem is just that the drive is unable to read desks that you put in, I’d suggest you try using a CD/DVD lens cleaner disk. Like the Memorex CD/DVD-Player Laser-Lens Cleaner.

    It can be used to resolves issues when the lens is very dirty and has trouble reading disks.

    If none of this helps I’d consider having someone take a look at the pc or just swapping out to a new dvd drive. They are probably cheaper than a tech’s hourly rate anyway.