How can I hear my radio on my helmets Bluetooth headset?

by on August 30, 2010

Q: I want to hear my motorcycle FM radio on my helmet Bluetooth headset. What type of adapter do I need?

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    What helmet do you have?


    i have Scala rider Q2 headsets


    That would be to simple. There is nowhere to plug it in. If I installed an 1/8in. audio plug at the speakers would that accept the dongle and work?


    Aww I should have asked if you had a headphone jack accessible on the front of your stereo. If you are handy it might make sense to take out the stereo and see what kind of jacks are offered in the back of the stereo as it is possible there might be a jack back there that you can use.

    Might even want to go to your local dealer and see if they have a suggestion as everyone seems to be going bluetooth now so they might have a solution for you that does not involve you taking your stereo out.