Is there anyway to tell from the browser history what time a site was accessed? 

by on September 30, 2010

Q: Is there anyway to find out what time an internet site was accessed? I find the day and site in history but not a time.


How come my computer says it is running Windows XP Home edition when it is running Windows XP Pro? 

by on September 30, 2010

Q: Recently my computer says I have Windows Home edition when I actually have Windows XP Pro installed. Is there a virus or malware that is messing with my computer. Also Windows Internet Explorer windows keep popping up all the time. I have PC-cillin anti-virus program and have run some free malware, ad-ware programs.


How do I access my Norton 360 backup if my email address is now invalid? 

by on September 30, 2010

Q: I have used Norton 360 for the past 12 months and have just renewed by detailing a new product code. I then signed into an account using a new email address as the one I used when I installed last year is no longer valid. On my new subscription, nothing is backed up. What happens to the backed up files from my old subscription? Can I still see them or have they been deleted? If I can still see them, how do I get into the account when the email address is invalid?


Where can you get the best prices on authentic HP toner cartridges? 

by on September 30, 2010

Q: Where is the best place, with the lowest prices, to purchase authentic HP toner cartridges?


How come my Internet connection does not work after dropping my laptop? 

by on September 30, 2010

Q: I dropped my laptop and now my internet connection doesn’t work. The computer turns on and my other programs like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint work but only the internet wont work. I have an HP Acer.


How come my laptop screen is out of focus after dropping my laptop? 

by on September 30, 2010

Q: I’ve dropped my laptop on the carpet and now the screen is a greeny colour and a lot of things are out of focus, can you help?


Can footage on a DV flip cam be transfered to the deleted items section? 

by on September 30, 2010

Q: When footage is recorded on DV tape on a flip cam, can it transfer within the camera to the deleted items section of the flip cam?


How do I make sure that no matter what only I can access my laptop? 

by on September 28, 2010

Q: How do I make sure that no matter what only I can access my laptop?

So far I have canceled all accounts (including guest) There is only the administrator account which I have password protected. So can people still get on it somehow? Is there a way for only me to be able to access safe mode? It also gives people the option to reset the password with a floppy or whatever, is there a way to remove that option? I’ve looked but can’t find any. I need real smart well explained answers, so I can know what I’m doing. Thanks in advance to those that help me.

Oh if this helps my computer is a Dell, and I have windows 7.


Are there any good free forum hosts that can later be upgraded to pay as my forum grows? 

by on September 28, 2010

Q: I am considering making a website, that would have most traffic based around its forum.

I would start “small”, so I would want a free forum. I need one that is reasonably professional, “admin-friendly” and very customizable. What would you recommend? I would probably want there to be an option to upgrade my forum (i.e. end up paying for it)…

And, what hosts should I be looking at?


How come I get Server Not Found errors? 

by on September 28, 2010

Q: I was trying to access this site called using a Firefox browser and I got a message saying “Server Not Found”.

Even if I use a proxy site I still cannot access it. What seems to be the problem? Should I change browser?