Can we open QuickBooks 2005 files in QuickBooks 2010?

by on September 3, 2010

Q: We have files from QuickBooks pro 2005 on a disk. Can we transfer these QuickBooks pro 2005 disk files to a new computer running QuickBooks pro 2010 without having to install QuickBooks 2005 on the new computer first?

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    First off, I hope you have backups (and have a backup plan in place) of your important Quickbooks company files, and they aren’t just sitting on this one disk.

    With that out of the way, your company files should be importable to the 2010 without any problems.

    In the event you do hit an unforeseen snag, contact Intuit for support:


      Thanks Mark. Your answer was exactly what I needed.

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    I have done this many times and ask Mark says you should have no problems. The key point here is that the file HAS to be converted when it is opened. This means you will NEVER be able to open it in QuickBooks 2005 again. So make sure you have at least 2 copies of this file so that you can keep the 2005 file safe in case you ever need to open it in 2005.

    When you open the file you will get the warning saying that it will be converted to 2010 and that no previous version of QuickBooks will be able to open it.


      Thanks Matt for the information. I looked all over quickbooks web site and couldn’t find an answer. This answers my question.