What is the best way to manage my contacts?

by on September 4, 2010

Q: I need a database asap. I have client contact details on scraps of paper everywhere. I need to be able to send out emails to groups of them and on Monday I have a huge radio campaign starting and logistically managing my contacts has become a joke and trying to remember their status eg client, potential etc. So I have got ms access 2007 but I spent all week on lynda.com to learn how to set it up and I am no further. I just want a geek to come in and set up my database I know it would not take long once they know the system but where is the best place to find a geek that could do this for me?

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    You should have checked in earlier in the week and saved yourself some hassle! You need some Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Don’t waste your time trying to use access for this stuff.

    A lot depends on your exact needs, but I’d check this out first since it sounds like this is a smaller operation:


    Check out google’s contact manager as well, it is built into gmail its self.