How come when I play the same note over a few times on my guitar it starts sounding wrong?

by on September 7, 2010

Q: Why is my computer using Adobe Audition does this? I know it’s my computer because I’ve done it before on others. I have a Toshiba Satellite L505D-S5983

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    In the video it sounds like you say “it does the same thing with my amp”. If it does the same thing with your amp then the problem is most likely your pickups. I know you say you are certain it is your computer but if it happens on both the computer and on the amp then it has to be related to the guitar or a component you use with both.


    After watching the video closer it looks like you go guitar -> amp -> computer. I thought you were saying it did it if you just did guitar -> amp. If you are doing guitar -> amp -> computer then I think it is safe to assume that the sound coming out of the amp is correct it is just in the computer that the sound is getting muted, for lack of a better term.


    It only does the same thing on my computer. If I’m playing guitar > amp > computer, but in the vid I’m playing guitar > computer. It sounds perfect and I have no problems on just my amp (guitar > amp)


      Have you had a chance to try it on other computers with the same software? I am just wondering if it might be a setting in the software or if it is a hardware issue on the computer itself. If it is a hardware issue on the computer then I would suggest contacting Toshiba to see if you might be able to get a replacement esp if it is still under warranty but it will not be easy to explain the issue I fear.


    I have tried it on other computers but it works on those. My ex friend has the SAME model of Toshiba as me and he records on his so I just don’t know what the deal is. We tend to use the same software too. But if you could like tell me if there was a setting on my computer that I could turn off, like maybe there’s a auto volume leveling feature. Or something like that.


      In that case I think we can confirm this is a hardware issue with your computer and not an actual setting. A really weird hardware problem but none the less it is a hardware problem so changing settings will not fix it. If your computer is still under warranty contact Toshiba and get it exchanged.


    How should I go about explaining myself? “Dude, freaky shit’s happening.”
    “What exactly is happening”
    “When I record with my guitar it sounds underwater-y”
    Seriously though, what should I say?


      I would say that my input jack works sometimes and not others. In the middle of recording it will just stop working for a few seconds and then start working again a little later. Something like that should do it for you.

      They will probably make you jump though hoops like they always do but just keep telling them it doesn’t work… unless they some how magically show you a setting that will fix it.


    Okay, I figured it out on my own, there was a noise cancellation thing running that mistaked my guitar for something like a fan. So it turned it off. Everything works fine now. Thanks for trying. 😀


      Awesome find! Where did you find this setting as others might find this useful in the future.

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    I went into Realtek HD audio manager and then microphone and then there was a setting called “noise suppression”, and I unchecked it 🙂