How can I group songs by artist in iTunes?

by on September 8, 2010

Q: Is there a way to get iTunes to put all songs from the same artist, together? For example, iTunes now displays in my window a long list of Beatles but when you scroll down, other Beatles songs I have, are not clumped under Beatles, but rather under the name of the song. So if I want to make a Beatles playlist, I must manually scan down through ALL SONGS and visual pick up the ones that have been filed under the song name vs artist.

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    For those songs not grouping correctly, make sure the artist information is set correctly to begin with.

    With that done you should be able to just create a Smart Playlist for songs who artist is ‘Beatles’ :


    Is your sort sorted by artist when you look or by album. It might make sense that a lot of Beatles are together if you are sorting by album but if you sort by artist they should all be together.

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    I should also add that you can right click on a song -> go to Get Info -> then look at the Sorting tab. You should see what the artist name is in there and you can change the sort value to match what it should be so that it gets sorted correctly too.


      While I got much needed information from both Geeks, Matt, your idea to rt click and go to get info etc was the clincher. That option makes my errors in how things are cataloged obvious and easy to change. THANKS!

      PS Mark, I loved learning about smart playlists!